On the BALANCE Beam with ... Lisa Iacobucci

What Do You Do At BALANCE?

Reception ~ I provide excellent customer service, answer phones, receipt payments, enrol students, and share a SMILE with everyone in the foyer.

All About ME:

On the BALANCE Beam with ... Mary Hubball

What Do You Do at BALANCE?

I am head of the Recreational Stream and I Judge WAG Gymnastics.

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Website Update: NEW Page ~ "Massage and Myotherapy"

Are you interested in booking a session with Fabulous Cameron Blewett, our Remedial Massage/Myo-therapist? 

You can find Cam really easily by scanning down the left side bar of the home page of BALANCE GYMNASTICS, and clicking on the link.

WAG IDP 1-SNR Athlete Clinic - January 8 & 9, 2011


On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of January, Kathryn's Level 2 IDP and Alicia's Level 5 & 6 IDP girls ventured to NSW to attend one of their first interstate IDP Clinics, in Shell Harbour. 

On the BALANCE Beam with ... Belinda Haywood aka BJ

What do you do at BALANCE?

I coach Junior Gymasts, State Levels 4-10 and the National Stream.

All About ME:

I have a fabulous family: parents, 2 brothers, a sister and 2 awesome sons, and 2 Siamese Cats - Mia and Kody.

Men In Leotards

BALANCE Display at Laurimar Primary School Town Fair

The Laurimar Primary School Town Fair was held on Saturday February 12.  This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the club's wide range of programs which are designed to suit people of all ages and abilities.

The interactive Kindergym sessions were a great hit with all the young families living in Laurimar/Doreen.  Many are now considering participating in a class at BALANCE Gymnastics.

NEW To Balance Gymnastics! Remedial Massage & Myotherapy with Cameron Blewett!

 CAMERON BLEWETT ~ Remedial Massage and Myotherapy

Karla Danelutti On Gymnastics Australia Website

From Gymnastics Australia ...

"Physical Assessment is held at every National IDP Clinic (July and December).  The same testing items are assessed at every clinic.  The full list and description of the testing items can be found ... in the Physical Testing Protocol."

Check out Karla's results here.

Well Done, Karla!!

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