Balance Blitz @ Vics - MG Level 4

WOW - It just keeps on coming. Our Level 4 MG team have just achieved 1st Place team in the STATE.....Well done to you have worked hard and deserve it. Our level 4-under boys stepped up to the mark and competed against the 4-over boys to make a strong team consisting of Benson Harvey, Sinan Sorial, Nathan Chan, Max Brown, Gaston Schmidt-Heron & Bo Danelutti. With a total score of almost 210 some fantastic personal results were achieved. With Day 2 of their individual apparatus competition still to come – we can’t wait to see how the boys go. Good Luck Boys.

Final All Round results: Nathan Chan 4U - 3rd overall.....Well done nathan.

                                    Max Brown 4U - 5th Overall.......Good on you Max....Well Done.

                                    Gaston Schmidt-Heron 4U - 11th Overall.......What a great result Gaston....Well done.

                                    Bo Danelutti 4U - Unfortunately Bo had a back injury that effected his ability to compete at his full potential and only competed a few apparatus, in the apparatus he did compete on he did really well. Well done Bo for giving it a go.

                                    Benson Harvey 4O - 8th Overall.....What a awesome result Benson.....Well done.

                                    Sinan Sorial - 4O - 13th Overall......Great result Sinan.....That was an awesome Vault....a big 10!