MG HPC Invitational 13+14/4/2013

OMG - Is all I can say.......the boys have done it again. Our level 3,4 & 5 boys competed at the HPC Invitational on the 13th & 14th of April and what a comp it was. Once again the boys have achieved well - still room to improve - but a great result was enjoyed by all.

Level 3 Under - 2nd Overall team (out of 9 teams) with the following personal results:   

Lachlan Bowden - 3rd overall, 1st Pommel, 1st High bar what a result Lachlan....well done.

Oscar Evans - 4th overall, 1st pommel, 2nd Rings, 3rd High bar............keep it up Oscar.

Jeremy Farmer - a strong 10th overall with some really solid results.

Ranger Ferre-Watts - 12th Overall, well done out of a field of 30 competitiors.

Our level 3 boys enjoying their success.

Level 4 under - Jack Roberston achieved a 8th overall with a 3rd on Pommel & 4th on P/Bars..well done Jack - good work.

Level 4 Over - Oliver, Oliver,'ve done it again......blitz, blitz, blitz. An amazing 1st overall with a 1st on floor, 1st on rings, 1st on P/bars, 3rd on pommel & 3rd on high bar. WOW Oliver good work.

Harley Grech - 8th overall with a 2nd on pommel & 3rd on vault...well done Harley.

Level 5 under - Nathan Chan - a awesome 2nd overall with a 1st on vault, 2nd on the following - Floor, Pommel & P/Bars. Good work Nathan......keep it up

Bo Danelutti - A great 3rd overall with a 3rd on Pommel and 4th on the following - Rings, Vault, P/Bars & H/Bar.....good work BO, keep working hard.

Level 5 over - Benson Harvey competed really solidly achieving a 7th overall and a personal 3rd on Pommel & 4th on Rings....good work Benson.


Just a quick note to let you know that the reason why the level 4 & 5 boys have no team result is due to the fact that you need at least 4 to make up a team per division.

Our Level 5 Under & Over boys showing off there bling with a very proud Chris Downie. Good work Chris.