BTYC MG Invite 20+21/4/2013

Here we go again..............another great weekend of comps for our MG program. The boys visited BTYC and competed at their invitational and the following results were enjoyed:

Level 3 unders - Check this out..............

Lachlan Bowden - 2nd Overall with 2nd on Floor, P/Bars & H/Bar & 3rd on Pommel.....what a great effort Lachie, well done.

Jeremy Farmer - 3rd Overall with 1st on rings & 2nd on jeremy, keep it up.

Oscar Evans - 4th Overall with 1st  on Pommel and 4th on Floor, P/Bars & H/Bar.....great job Oscar.

Ranger Ferre-Watts - A good solid & consistant performance....well done.

Elliot Corcoran - A great comp Elliot for your first....well done. Enjoy the ride.

Level 3 overs -

Levi Gilbee - First comp and a 3rd on Vault - well done Levi, keep up the good work.

TEAM RESULT - Level 3 - a awesome 2nd out of 10 teams.

Our level 3 boys....basking in their glory!

Level 4 Unders -

Jack Robertson - a 4th on Pommel.....keep it up Jack. Good Work.

Level 4 open -

Oliver Ryan - 2nd Overall with 1st on Floor, 1st on P/Bars & 2nd on Pommel....keep up the amazing work Oliver.....Vics is on the way.

Harley Grech - a good consistant solid comp with a great 9th overall out of a total of 33 competitors. Keep up the good work Harley.

No level 4 team result as we don't have enough boys to make up a team - min. of 4 required.Smile

Level 5 unders -

Nathan Chan - an impressive 3rd Overall with 2nd on Vault 7 Floor and a 3rd on Pommel....keep chasing Josh (Dolphin) & Kipp (EGC).....good work Nathan.

Max Brown - 7th overall...a good consistant comp Max.....keep it up.

Bo Danelutti - 9th Overall.....good job Bo......keep working hard.

Level 5 overs -

Benson Harvey - a strong 11th Overall....good comp Benson.

Team result Level 5 - 2nd Overall..well done boys.

Our level 5 boys.