Extreme Boys ~ 10+ yr old

Extreme Class:

Our extreme class is designed to be simply that, EXTREME! It caters for boys aged approximately 10-14 years old with 10-11 year olds in Junior Extreme and 12-14 years olds in Extreme.

Your son will learn flips, tricks, saults and more in a safe environment. Our fast paced classes are run by fully qualified coaches with a big emphasis on trampolining and tumbling. Strength, flexibility and co-ordination are an integral part of all of our gymnastics programs here at Balance Gymnastics and this class will develop all of these essential things in a fun environment.

Our Balance Gymnastics EXTREME Levels system provides a systematic approach to learning the BIG skills! Front saults, back saults, back flips, even double or TRIPLE saults have all been learned safely in this class. Using our unique levels system your son will achieve this without danger and in a streamlined progression.

Our EXTREME program is a great way, not only for your son to get rid of some of that excess energy but to learn some skills that improve their self-confidence and their physical abilities.

With your first lesson being a FREE trial lesson and nothing locked in, why not give it a shot?!

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Junior Extreme (~10-11 yo)

Tuesday 5.30pm-7pm

Thursday 6pm-7.30pm

Saturday 12.30 - 2pm


Extreme (~12-14yo)

Tuesday 7.30-9pm

Thursday 7.30-9pm



Extreme (~12-14yo)

Tuesday 7.30-9pm

Thursday 7.30-9pm

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